How top brands tied the friendship band of marketing and promotion with their customers on this friendship day

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One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Similarly, one of the most important qualities of any successful brand is to make the most of any special moment in the lives of their customers. Every year on the first Sunday of August, we come together to celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship and the love that two friends share between them. Even this year, netizens came together to post special messages for their best friends and top brands in the country were not far behind. On the occasion of friendship day brands took to their social media handles to share creative and emotional messages with their customers that celebrated the spectacular bond of friendship. Let’s take a look at a few of these posts. 

1. Swiggy Friendship Post:

Swiggy is one of the most loved online food delivery companies in India. They always manage to bring a smile on the faces of their foodie customers by sharing heart touching and creative posts. Even this year, Swiggy shared a tweet which introduced their customers to a “special” menu which was tailor-made for the specials in our lives. They shared a few creative images with this post. One of the images was dedicated to that vegetarian friend that makes you feel less lonely when dining together. Another celebrated that friend who just loves biryani and can have it in all the meals in a day. Another funny post was dedicated to that friend who loves to pour ketchup on everything.

swiggy friendship day post - Digimanic
swiggy friendship day 2019 - Digimanic
swiggy friendship day post - Digimanic

2. Amul:

The dairy brand Amul which is famous for connecting with their customers with socially relevant and funny social media posts posted two creative messages on their social media accounts to celebrate friendship day this year. First social media post was a video that celebrated friends and food combinations that add value to each other and individually make them better. The second image depicted two Amulkool flavoured milk bottles as best friends having a conversation with each other.

amul friendship day post - Digimanic
amul friendship day post 2019

3. Netflix India :

In today’s times instead of actually buying a proper subscription to Netflix, we just freeload from an account in order to watch our favourite TV shows and movies. Many a time the person whose account we are using is a complete stranger that we haven’t even meet in person. However, this stranger has been of great help to us as we get such good entertainment via them at zero cost. Hence, on the occasion of Friendship’s day, the popular online streaming service Netflix reminded their followers to wish the stranger whose account they have been using as well in a creative social media post.

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4. Uber:

The cab aggregator Uber, celebrated the spirit of friendship day by depicting the journey of how two people become best friends and showed the various stops en route the same. Uber celebrated the friends who have always been a part of the ride that is our lives, now and always.

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5. Mumbai Police:

In today’s times, we not only make friends with the people who we see physically all the time but also we have some special friends that we have made online on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. A simple acceptance of a friend request can lead to a lifelong friendship. However, one must really be careful of the friend requests that we accept as many of them can do us serious harm in the near future. Mumbai police creatively depicted many such “friends” such as drunk driving, drugs, helmets, cyber frauds etc. and educated their followers on which of these should they let into their lives in a creative friendship day post.

mumbaipolice friendship day post - Digimanic

6. UP Police:

On the occasion of friendship day, the UP police took to their twitter account to share a creative post with their followers. This post educated their followers on certain best friends that should always be together. These “best friends” include seat+seatbelt, Motorcycle+helment etc.

UPpolice friendship day post 2019

7. Big basket:

Big basket, which is India’s largest online supermarket, prompted its followers to share their “Zara Hatke friendships” in a creative friendship day post. The brand also tweeted a series of creative images that depicted classic pairings such as tea and biscuit, fries and ketchup, butter and bread and many more to celebrate the spirit of friendship.

bigbasket friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic
bigbasket friendship day post - Digimanic
bigbasket friendship day - Digimanic
bigbasket friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

8. Maaza Friendship Post:

We all remember relaxing with our friends by sharing a bottle of Maaza as we watch our favourite movies or sports games. The cold drink brand wished its followers a happy friendship day by celebrating unconditional friendships in a creative social media post.

maaza friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic

9. Cadbury :

As the influence of social media continues to grow rapidly, so does social evils such as cyberbullying and trolling. In a great initiative, the chocolate brand Cadbury shared a social relevant video with its followers urging them to support their friends against trolling this friendship day. The brand also prompted their followers to comment with a purple heart in support of this initiative in the friendship day post.

cadbury friendship day post - Digimanic

10. OYO:

Each one of us sadly has been in the friend zone one time or the other. We have all had a crush on a friend who sadly views us as just that. This friendship day, OYO gave tips to their followers to escape the dreaded friend zone in a friendship day post. The brand suggested that travel makes people come closer, hence their followers should travel more often. 

oyo friendship day post - Digimanic

11. Youtube India:

In today’s times tagging each other in memes has become our primary means of conversation with our friends. The delight that one gets when their friend has tagged them in a meme is incomparable. After all, it’s a testimony that someone remembers you and thinks of you. Youtube India teamed up with the popular Youtuber Prajakta Kholi and celebrated the importance of memes in friendship in a creative friendship day post.

youtube friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

12. Indore traffic police:

Drinking and driving is a serious problem in the youth in today’s times. Driving after having a few pegs with friends have led to serious accidents and deaths in the country. To highlight the evils of drinking and driving, the Indore traffic police took to their social media account to share a socially relevant post on the occasion of friendship day. They urged their followers to drive safely and not to risk their lives by driving drunk.  

indore traffic police friendship day post - Digimanic

13. Mumbai metro:

Mumbaikars are very excited about the launch of the new metro 3 line in the city. Mumbai metro 3 took to twitter to celebrate its bond with the western railway in a creative social media post. The post depicted the local telling the metro to get underground for some time. The brand further said that there are some bonds of friendship that are for the greater good.

mumbai metro friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

14. Skore:

The condom brand Skore celebrated the bond between a condom and a man by saying that skore condoms are that friends that protect you from unpleasant surprises. They further toasted this friendship by sharing a creative image on social media this friendship day.

skore friendship day post - Digimanic

15. Durex Friendship Post:

When it comes to hilarious topical posts, Durex always takes the cake. This friendship day wasn’t different. The condom brand took to Twitter to share a hilarious social media post that reminded their followers that a Durex condom is one friend that has always got you covered. The image further said that Durex condom is, in fact, a friend in need.

durex friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

16. Kamasutra:

A true friend is someone that helps us in need and someone who we can count on always. The condom brand Kamasutra celebrated this essence of friendship in a creative friendship day post. The brand tweeted a creative image that said that Kamasutra condoms are the only friends that a person need when they do the deed.

kamasutra friendship day - Digimanic

17. Manforce:

Any friendship day celebration isn’t complete without tying a friendship band on the arm of your best friend. We all have fond memories of defining our friendships by the means of colourful friendship bands. These bands symbolize the love, loyalty and the trust that we have on our friends. Manforce condoms celebrated this ritual by saying that their condoms are like a friendship band for a person’s little friend in a creative social media post.   

manforce friendship day post - Digimanic

18. Nabo capital: 

Our friends are someone on whom we can count on during our good as well as bad days. In some ways, even the investments that we do can be compared to a strong friendship. The investments done by us will help us walk down the right path. Nabo capital celebrated this bond of friendship between an investor and his investments in a creative friendship day social media post.

nabo friendship day 2019 - Digimanic
nabo friendship day post - Digimanic
nabo friendship day -Digimanic

19. Motiwal Oswal:

When we are going through tough times it is our friends that support us and usually, these tough times reveal who our true friends are. Investments are also similar in nature, they help us in our bad times. However, only an investment made properly will be able to do so. In a sense, tough times also reveal which of our investments have been quality investments. Motilal Oswal celebrates these quality investments in a creative social media post on account of friendship day.

motilal friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic

20. Camlin Friendship Post:

In today’s times, we see a majority of children drifting away from activities like reading and colouring as they gain more and more access to mobile phones and TV screens. However, all these activities are really bad for growing children and can seriously impair their developing skills. Thus in order to help children develop essential motor skills and good handwriting, Camlin reminded their followers that their crayons are essentially a growing child’s best friend in a creative friendship day post.  

camlin friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

21. Fevicol:

Fevicol is renowned for its Majboot Jod that doesn’t ever break. The glue company celebrated the unbreakable bond that we share with our friends in a creative social media post on friendship day. They shared a hilarious image that showed their iconic elephants saying that they won’t ever break their friendship, anyways they don’t have an option to do so as the bond of Fevicol is unbreakable. 

fevicol friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

22. SBI:

Any friendship can only grow strong if one knows how to maintain it. SBI stressed on the importance of maintaining these bonds of friendship as they bring us immense happiness in a creative friendship day post.

sbi friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic

23. IDBI bank:

On the occasion of friendship day, IDBI celebrated the special bond that they share with their customers in a social media post. They further highlighted this bond by saying that friendships never get old they just get more rich.

idbi friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

24. Bank of Baroda:

A true friend is someone who is by our side forever, through thick and thin. Bank of Baroda honoured these friendships by sharing an emotional social media post where they re-affirmed their commitment to strengthen the bond that they share with their customers.

bank of baroda friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

25. Red Chillies Entertainment:

No friend that we have is the same. Each one of them has their own special personality and place in our life. On the occasion of friendship day, Red chillies entertainment made use of various characters from their movies to show the different types of friends we have in a creative social media post. They also urged their followers to tag their friends in the post

redchillies friendship day - Digimanic

26. Yash Raj:

No matter how many friends we have in our lives, it is true that our first friends in life are our parents. Yash Raj films took help of their iconic character Raj which was played by the superstar Shahrukh Khan and the bond that he shared with his father in the classic film Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge to showcase that even our parents can be our friends. They shared a hilarious conversation between Raj and his father in a creative social media post on the occasion of friendship day

yrf friendship day 2019 - Digimanic

27. Dharma Productions:

Over the years Dharma Productions has depicted many iconic friendships in their movies. These friends and the bond that they share have been ingrained into our minds forever. Some of these iconic friendships include Rahul-Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hotta hai, Rohan and Abhi from Student of the year and the gang from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani. On the occasion of friendship day, the movie production company said that if their followers have a #Dharmawalidosti, they should make sure to keep them close in a heartwarming social media post

dharma friendship day post - Digimanic

28. Ixigo Friendship Post:

The most special thing about our friendships are the special moments that we share with our friends. It is these moments that we carry in our hearts forever, long after the moments have passed. Hence to mark the friendship day this year, Ixigo played a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with their followers and asked them to list the craziest things they have done while holidaying with their friends. 

ixigo friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic

29. Kolhe Patil:

Our friend circle is the backbone of our lives. Kolhe Patil developers took to twitter to celebrate one’s friend circle in a creative friendship day post.  

kolhe patil friendship day - Digimanic

30. Mahindra Adventures:

When we have a true friend by our side, every moment, small or big is turned into an epic adventure. Mahindra adventure celebrated the spirit of having adventures with our friends in a creative social media friendship day post.

mahindra friendship day post 2019 - Digimanic
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