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Before understanding of Digital Markeeting services for startup in India. First understand the startup situation in india.

In India, start-up means an idea. An idea that offers value to consumers either by providing unique product or service is formed by a start-up. Even the Indian government is supporting start-ups financially to improve the economy of the country.

The vault show is the television-cum-investment show where all the start-ups across India compete with each other and whoever gets higher success than its competitors wins the show. Entrepreneurs, who have the ability and willingness to identify the need of the consumers come up with a great idea to fulfill consumer’s needs.

On an average, nearly 1000 start-ups release in India every year since 2016. But not all the start-ups sustain for a longer period of time. Mnay Startup failes because of lack of digital marketing knowledge or digital marketing potential.

Why The Start-up Fails to Succeed In The Market

The most important reason behind the failure of a start-up is the wrong choice of marketing strategy at wrong time despite having the good quality of their product and service.

Many start-ups adopt traditional marketing strategy in the initial stage of their business without knowing the consumers and security of their numbers properly. Numbers like profit margin, budget, and cost plays a crucial role in the success of start-ups. Without securing these numbers, one cannot plan profitable business strategy. A willing start-up should also know about the need, nature, taste, preference, and standard of living of consumers to succeed in the competitive market.

But traditional marketing techniques do not help you to know your consumers and secure your numbers. Hence traditional marketing does not give you a better return on investment (ROI) at such a higher cost. So it does not mean that traditional marketing is a poor form of marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing is useful if implemented at the right time. For example, when your business is well established in the minds of Indians, you can move on to show your ads on television to increase your brand value to a higher level. But first, you need to create brand value for your start-up. And the only solution to this challenge is using the digital marketing strategy for startup.

How will digital marketing boost the growth of your start-up?

The internet usage has been increasing in India since a decade with cheap internet plans and smartphones available in the Indian market. Over 462 million Indians use the internet in their daily life. This has become possible due to the upgradation of the internet mediums.

Especially Google has given a new way to use the internet in an organized manner.  An increasing usage of internet in India has led to increased business opportunities in Indian market. Indians, especially youngsters, are dreaming to establish their own start-up in India. Let it be salon & spa, pet store, financial service, IT & software service, etc. To absorb the power of the Internet, digital marketing agencies in India have started giving digital marketing service for start-up. Digital marketing is the method of promoting goods, services, and ideas on an online platform like social media sites and Google. Digital marketing strategy gives you flexibility in choosing your target consumers, updating consumers, and changing digital marketing strategy at any time.

The important advantage of digital marketing techniques is that it gives you measurable and historical data which can help you in coming up with a different business goal at a certain time. Hence digital marketing strategy gives you better ROI at low cost.

Digital marketing company first creates a website for your start-up. Then digital marketing company starts formulating an effective digital marketing strategy for your start-up as per your goal. Digital marketing service for start-up provided by us are:

Digital Marketing For Startup

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Development

Graphic Design

Content Writing

Logo & Branding

Digital Marketing Consultation

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Startup

Which Strategy Should You Choose For The Success Of Your Start-Up? At What Time?

Time to choose SEM comes when you want quality quick results in just 1 day. It is because Search Engine Marketing is the paid form of online marketing of goods and services on Google. In this scenario, you pay a certain amount to Google to show your paid ad on top of search engine result page. As SEM being a paid form, helps you in targeting right consumers at right time. In SEM, you just have to fix a certain amount of budget and bid to run your paid ads for a month and leave rest of the part to a digital marketing agency. The digital marketing agency can give effective SEM service for start-up as per your set goal and budget. While running SEM for your start-up, you have to pay a certain amount of bid only when a user actually clicks on your ad. This process is known as “pay per click”. Effective SEM strategy lets you target consumers as per their age, gender, buying behavior, demographic information, location, and interest. You can customize the schedule of your ads as per your goal.  SEM gives you better ROI, especially on an important occasion. For example, you can target right consumers at the occasion like weekends and festivals. SEM is a strategy that helps you in increasing traffic and conversions from day 1 itself.

In Social Media Marketing, You can build your start-up as a leading brand in the Indian market. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. has become an influential platform for all internet users to update themselves about the latest news, product, and services in the Indian market. There are around 226 million social media users in India. Therefore social media marketing becomes perfect solution to improve brand recognition, brand awareness, brand recall value, and brand loyalty of your start-up. You can post images and videos of your product and service on social media sites in a creative way with attractive description. With the help of Facebook ads, you can target consumers as per their age, gender, demographic information, and interest. You can run repetitive ads for those users who have previously seen your ad on social media sites. You can update your existing consumers with regards to your latest product and service. You can achieve your target with the help of social media marketing service for start-up.

Search Engine Optimization becomes the best solution for your start-up when you want to increase your brand visibility, brand awareness, and constant attention. SEO is an online marketing technique to bring the website to the top of organic search engine result page. SEO is a free form of online marketing. Whenever you search anything on Google you will get list 10 organic websites on the first page. 99% of Indian users click on websites appearing on the first page. Google ranks only those websites on the first page of search engine result page whose content and user experience fulfills what user actually needs. On-page and off-page are the sub-methods of SEO. On-page helps in improving the quality and user experience of a website. Off-page helps in increasing traffic to your website. Therefore digital marketing agencies are professional in providing SEO service for start-ups.

We at DigiManic, are specialized in providing effective digital marketing service for start-up. You can establish your start-up as a leading brand with our digital marketing service for start-up.

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Startup

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