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An excellent Logo Design needs VISION, CREATIVITY, and LEGIBILITY!!!

We Have It All!

A Logo is the face of your brand or any company! Pick any brand and look at the logo of that brand, every time you will see that the logo somehow represents or conveys a story of the respective brand!

It might seem easy to create a Logo, doesn’t it?

Take a paper!

Draw something related to your company!

Use some bright colors and DONE!

It is not that simple to make a Logo! 

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Various factors are taken into consideration such as Size, Design, Font, Brand Relevance and many more.

Here are some great examples of brands and their logo story!

The underlining yellow arrow in the Amazon Logo from “A” to “Z” illustrates the variety of products that the online store sells. It also represents a “Smile” which illustrates customer satisfaction.

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If you look at the white space between the “E” and “x” you can see a right-facing arrow. This “hidden” arrow was intended to be a symbol for speed and precision.

Each icon within the logo represents an aspect of its business. For example, the shirt (below the heart) symbolizes “clothes” and represent fresh laundry and looking good.

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Our Creations

This is where we come into ACTION!

DigiManic is a Logo Design Company which has successfully created many logos for our respected customers. Being a creative logo design company in Mumbai we take responsibility on our shoulders to give our clients recognition and a logo which represents the companies’ values, goals, and desires.


Things we keep in mind while designing any Logo:-

  • Making exquisite logo designs and coherently relevant!
  • The current trends and fashions!
  • The Logo should be eye-catching!
  • The Logo should speak for itself!
  • Lastly, the logo created by our logo designers will be Unique, Unforgettable and Hit the Bull’s eye!


It’s time to build your Brand Identity now!

Logo and Brand identity are two sides of the same coin! They go hand in hand and are the first noticeable thing of any brand! It grabs the attention of a person who first takes a look at any brand!

Brand Identity consists of:-

1. Visiting Cards

2. Letterhead

3. Envelope

4. Stationary i.e Pen, Dairy, Notepad,

5. Signboard

6.Packaging Items.

A Brand Identity has to be so unique and unforgettable because it connects your product to the consumers and helps in building a Brand Recognition all around the country and world.

The most important thing while brainstorming for branding is the color code of logo, alignment, shape, size! They all play the most pivotal role in the making of a Brand Identity! Brand identity increases the frequency of brand visuality. Overall helps in making the strong brand image in the customers’ mind.

In creating a brand identity one must also observe the application of brand identity in different formats of printing.
Cautions are to be taken when printing of Visiting cards, letterheads & others as it differs on Paper, Signboard, Banner, Clothing.

Again, DigiManic is one of the most experienced company in Mumbai on whom you rely completely and we ensure you that we will leave no boundaries untouched to make a brand identity which will be one of a kind!

We have had the experience to make Brand Identity for many companies and you can be the judge of our creativity!

Brand Identity of Soul Sugar

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Brand Identity of Elegance Ergo

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best logo design agency in mumbai
best logo design company in mumbai
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