Amul Hits The Bull’s Eye With Every Post In 2018

Fuel-Price-at-high - Digimanic
Fuel-Price-at-high - Digimanic

Who doesn’t know the brand Amul? Cheese, butter, milk, buttermilk, curd and what not! Amul is a leading company in dairy products in India! They are not just the best in their dairy producing but also in their ads and campaigns! Amul hits a Amul creative campaign series.

It all started in 1966 when Amul hired Sylvester daCunha to design an ad campaign for Amul Butter and that is when he designed an ad campaign as a series of hoardings with topical ads relating to day-to-day issues.

It became so popular that even earned them a Guinness World Record for the longest running ad campaign in the world. And here we are today, following and always waiting for Amul’s newest and latest hoardings or campaigns on their social media that are still so enticing and attention-grabbing!

Today, we have shortlisted and have brought in front of you Top 20 social media posts of Amul / Amul hits campaigns that Amul team created!

Let’s begin!

The latest one is the grand wedding ceremony of Ambani & Piramal family! It was a topic that trended all around the world and Amul could not just ignore it! Here they created a graphic showing the high profile and glitzy wedding of the richest families of the country!

Ambani-wedding - Digimanic

Amul hits campaign shows the victory of Congress party in the three state elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan. It was a talk of the country and a much-needed victory for Congress! And Amul sure did make a great post for the victory of opposition party!

Congress-victory - Digimanic

It was a surprise and a shock for the whole country to witness our RBI governor Mr. Urjit Patel resigning in such a manner. Although the RBI governor stepped down stating personal reasons but there was some tussle going on between the central government and the RBI. And Amul did catch up with the event very quickly!

Urjit-Patel-Resign - Digimanic

Amul hits campaign shows Women’s cricket team has been getting all the attention and fan following that was long due and because of this it was no shocker for a controversy to make the headlines and one such controversy hit the team when the captain Mithali Raj and the coach Ramesh Powar of the women’s team controversy came out and made the headlines for a couple of days! Amul made a post with a great sense of humor in it!

Womens-cricket-controversy - Digimanic

2.0 was a movie with two superstars Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth and the movie made a lot of buzz before releasing and it was sure to make a blockbuster opening at the theatres pan India! Who would miss such an action-packed movie! Amul did make a great post on this movie!

2.0 - Digimanic

Amul hits campaign give tribute to Stan lee. We all must have seen all Marvel movies and if not all, atleast one in your entire life! Many are fans of Marvel comics as well. All the credit goes to the legendary Stan Lee who was a comic book writer, editor & publisher active since 1940 and left us with such amazing stories in Nov 2018! Amul gave it’s respect to the man of our childhood stories and teenage crazy movies!

Marvel-Stan-Lee - Digimanic

It’s no more just the Khan’s or the Kapoor’s ruling the film industry of Bollywood and this year in 2018, we saw some tremendous movies with great content and great acting! One such family blockbuster of 2018 is Badhaai Ho and it deserves an applause and Amul sure did!

Badhaai-ho - Digimanic

It would be unfortunate if Amul had missed this story! But fortunately they didn’t. It was the much talked Rafale Scam involving the ruling party and the opposition made sure that they make full use of this opportunity! Well, you tell us if this post just hits the bull’s eye or not!

Rafale-deal-controversy - Digimanic

Well well well, who remembers this day when Rahul Gandhi (forcefully) hugged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and left the Prime Minister surprised along the fellow citizens of the country! Well, some got angry and for some, it was a friendly hug! We will not comment on it but this post definitely makes it to the Top 20!

Rahul-Modi-hug - Digimanic

FIFA World Cup was no short of some great games and some nail-biting performances by all the teams but at the end, there is only one winner and it was FRANCE lifting the World Cup for the second time! If you are a fan of the team, then you surely remember this day!

France-FIFA-World-Cup - Digimanic

The tragic incident where 12 boys and their coach were stuck in a cave were saved after a grueling 18-days was an incident that the world will remember! This Thailand cave incident also made the Amul team to create something unique and they again surprised us with this post!

12-boys-and-coach - Digimanic

The IPL makes the buzz every year and this year was no less! Well, this year marked as a comeback of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals after a 2 –year suspension and what a comeback it was for CSK. Their fan following is just another level and the wait for their fans was worth when CSK won 2018 IPL!

CSK-IPL-winner - Digimanic

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle was held on 19th May 2018 at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom was a visual delight and millions of people watched it on the TV and many witnessed the wedding live! It was believed that the royal wedding would trigger a tourism boost and boost the economy by up to £500 million! Amul hits campaign has covered many international events and this is one of them.

Royal-Wedding - Digimanic

It was probably the first of such a deal for any Indian Startup and it made the headlines all over the world when America’s largest retailer Walmart went on to buy 77% stake in India’s largest E-commerce Flipkart!

Walmart-Flipkart-Deal - Digimanic

Russian President Putin had been elected for the 4th term and it was a great achievement for him! It went on to show that the people of Russia still have faith in their leader! Amul hits campaign has creatively covered international political issue.

Putin-4th-term - Digimanic

We are sure, you remember her! The overnight sensation – Priya Prakash Varrier. Her wink in her song made her an overnight sensation all over the country! Her wink was the only thing trending on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and her followers increased at a rapid pace! Who thought a wink could change your life! like priya prakash Amul social media ads also make sensation and people have good brand recall value of Amul

Overnight-sensation - Digimanic

It was a moment to remember in the Football world when the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger ended his 22-year reign at Arsenal. It was an emotional moment for the fans of Arsenal and did make people cry!

Arsenal-Manager-Resign - Digimanic

Amul didn’t let go chance of showing creative social media post on social issue. People living in Maharashtra would remember this historic when the use of plastic bags hit a break and a plastic ban was implemented in the state! It was a great decision for the betterment of the environment!

Plastic-Ban - Digimanic

The whole world is using the internet and social media applications and it was a shocker for everyone when this unfortunate incident of Facebook data breach hit the world! Data security is a major concern with internet and this incident elevated the concern all over the world and Amul made sure to grab our attention with their hilarious post! How creative amul post describe the data privacy issue.

Facebook-data-breach - Digimanic

For a brief period of time when the crude prices were touching skies and the petrol & diesel prices were making headlines of the news almost everyday, it was a difficult period for all the Indians as we are the largest importer of crude oil and thus making us the most impacted country if crude oil goes up! Amul made creative post and a very topical post on this and we could connect with it instantly!

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  • Amul really use different marketing strategy. Amul creative team done good job

  • I am huge fan of amul creative idea of communication. Few more post can be added

    Ankita rajan
  • This is the nice collection of amul creativity

  • I love amul . I am using amul since my childhood. I would like to say digimanic digital marketing agency in mumbai nicely crafted very well digimanic had done reaseach on marketing strategy and social media marketing analyses of amul .

  • Many more post can be added in this Amul hits Even every post of amul hits is unique and creative. Digimanic you should add more post of Amul

    Raunak Chavan
  • I was searching amul hits and all of sudden I got your blog. Kudos to amul social media marketing agency.

    Neera rohit panchal
  • Great research done by digimanic team.Keep it up guys.Looking forward for more such blogs from you guys. Your blogs are always so informative and nice.

    bhakti patel
  • No one can deny on amul hits and amul creative post and amul unique creative advertising method. Amul always choose current affairs and shocase them in different manner. Every times amul nailed it with amul hits campaigns.
    Kudos to Amul team

  • Everytime mail has proven their creativity on social media marketing . I have never seen so much consistency on creativity . I would like to request do share on other brands creative post or social media post.
    I will wait for next blog like this

    Snehal purohit
  • This post shows how amul hits the bull eye with creative social media marketing post

  • There is no comparison of amul product with any other product. This amul hits blog shows amul have lots of creativity

    Rankest katiyal
  • Amul is a well-known brand, by giving quality products to its customers. Amul always hits the Bull’s Eye with their creative marketing. Great research was done by the digimanic team.
    Looking forward for more such blogs. Your blogs are always so informative.

    anil maurya
  • This post shows the creativity of Amul. How Amul Hits The Bull’s Eye With Every Post In 2018.. Amazing blog by digimanic👍

    Bari gokle
  • This post shows the creativity of Amul. How Amul Hits The Bull’s Eye With Every Post In 2018.. Amazing blog by digimanic👍

    bari gokle
  • Amul did make a great post on the movie… Thailand cave incident also made the Amul team to create something unique and they again surprised us with that post. Amul made sure to grab our attention with their hilarious post. Excellent research on Amul…

    Zikra chunawala
  • It was believed that the royal wedding would trigger a tourism boost and boost the economy. This post shows how Amul hits the bull eye with creative social media marketing post.

    Naziya halai

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