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“The way of presenting a home is just another way of presentation” Every home deserves to be pampered like its owner. Indians are adopting a new way to decorate their home with stylish furniture, fixtures, appliances, and artwork. Interior decorators are the ones who decorate homes in a creative manner. And you are one of those interior decorators who transform the appearance of home into a beautiful place to live. But getting your client from traditional marketing is not an efficient way to present your business and grab the attention of your client.

Traditional marketing mediums like newspaper, hoardings, banners, pamphlets etc. has its own limitations. It cannot give you historical and measurable data with respect to how many people have seen your ad.Then digital marketing becomes the only solution to promote your interior decoration service.

What Is Digital Marketing And How Will It Help Your Business?

India is becoming digital. Indians highly use the internet to search anything & everything on Google. India has 462 active internet users spending most of their time on Google and social media sites. So it has become possible for any business venture to market their products and services online. Marketing of goods and services online is called digital marketing. But it’s not just about marketing online, Digital marketing is also about marketing goods and services to potential consumers. It means that you can target potential consumers who are actually searching for home decorator near them, who are interested in home decoration, and who are actually watching videos of home decoration on social media sites. Digital marketing gives you measurable and historical data about the age, gender, interest, and demography of internet users. We at DigiManic, provide effective digital marketing service for home decorators.Following are the strategies included in ourdigital marketing service for home decorators with it’s distinct benefits:

Digital Marketing For Interior Decorator

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketing Consultation

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How Will Search Engine Marketing Give You More Clients?

You would like to grab the attention of the users quickly who actually needs a home decoration for his/her home and actually searching for a home decorator on Google. That is where SEM gives you an opportunity to grab the attention of users while he/she searching for home decorators on Google. Search Engine Marketing is the paid form of online marketing of goods and services. These paid ads grab the attention of users on Google with its creative headlines and description. For example, if you offer any discount on home decoration service then you can show it in your paid ads which will quickly grab the attention of users. Apart from creative headline and description, SEM also gives you flexibility in understanding the potential users as per their age, gender, place, and demography. So that you can target only those consumers who actually need home decoration service at a particular time. With the help of ourSEM service for home decorators, you can get the benefits in terms of increased ROI (Return On Investment), potential traffic, and brand visibility. 

How Will Social Media Marketing Decorate Your Brand?

The most influential platform in today’s world where people communicate with each other, share their ideas, post images, and share their opinion is social media site. In India, there are 226 million active internet users who spend most of their time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. So there is a huge scope for marketing goods and services on social media sites. You can create a brand of your service by posting the images as well as videos of your latest project in home decoration. With the help of Facebook ads, you can target users as per their age, gender, interest, and profession. For example, you can target users between the age of 25 to 50 who have shown interest in home decoration. You can also target users from working-class users. You can also show repetitive ads to those users who have previously viewed your Facebook ads. Our social media marketing service for home decorators can help you in improving brand image, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and brand recall value.

How Will Search Engine Optimization Increase traffic?

In India, internet usage is increasing. There are 462 million active internet users in India. Every internet user uses Google to search for anything they need. Over 100 to 1 thousand people search for home interior decoration in Mumbai. You can take advantage of such situation with the help of SEO. SEO is a free form of marketing goods and services on Google. SEO is an online marketing technique to bring the website to the top of Google. Let’s understand it with the following scenario

Suppose if someone searches for home decorator on Google, But your website is not there on its first page then that users will never know that you even exist in the market. Because 95% of the users visit only those websites that come on the first page of Google. Google determines the ranking of several websites on the basis of Search Engine Guidelines. If the content of your website succeeds to give relevant information to what users actually need and searching for, then Google will rank your website to the top of Google. Our SEO service for home decorators will give you benefits like increase in brand visibility, brand awareness, better ROI, website traffic, and constant attention.

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To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Interior Decorator

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