How brands celebrated the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan in 2018

Ambicam Raksha Bandhan Post

The bond between siblings is something that is very unique and indescribable. No matter how much we fight with our siblings one cannot change the fact that we love them very much. This bittersweet bond between siblings is celebrated in India by dedicating a festival for the same. This festival isn’t just celebrated in India but all across the world and symbolizes the love that a brother and sister have for each other. Top brands on twitter took to the social media platform to convey humorous and emotional messages about the bond of siblings and Raksha Bandhan. Let’s take a look at how brands celebrated this auspicious festival last year

1. Flipkart:

The e-commerce brand Flipkart shared a humorous message in a creative social media post stating that the act of a sister receiving cash in from of a gift after she ties a Rakhi to her brother is the original form of cash on delivery

flipkart Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

2. Swiggy:

Online food delivery brand Swiggy tweeted that Bhai is always chosen over Mithai (Sweets). They further tweeted that you love your siblings no matter what funny or weird taste they have and urged their followers to tag their siblings in their post to wish them a very happy Raksha Bandhan.

Swiggy Raksha Bandhan Post

3. Ola:

The cab aggregator Ola celebrated the festival by celebrating the siblings who are our ride partners for life and shared this message in a creative tweet with its followers.

Ola Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

4. Fernsnpetals:

The online gift delivery company FernsnPetals celebrated Raksha Bandhan by reminding their customers that Cadbury chocolates and the festival are a perfect match in a emotional and creative tweet

Fernsnpetals Raksha Bandhan Post

5. Gaia Diary:

The brand Gaia Dairy urged its followers to give the delicious gift of health to your loved one in a creative social media post.

Gaia Diary Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

6. Bookmyshow:

The online ticketing platform Bookmyshow urged its followers to give an exclusive Bookmyshow gift card to their siblings and show their love by it in a social media post

Bookmyshow Raksha Bandhan Post

7. Domino’s Pizza:

The pizza chain Domino’s wished its customers a very happy Raksha Bandhana. They creatively depicted a pizza in the shape of a Rakhi in a tweet. The company further promised its customers 40% off on the auspicious day

Domino’s pizza Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic


Lenskart asked its customers to tie the knot of colours and then promoted the various coloured contact lens they offer. They said that their customers can surprise their siblings at just ₹425 and shared this message in a creative tweet

Lenskart Raksha Bandhan Post

9. Wishful:

Wishful got creative and tweeted two images to its followers to spot the difference between the two. Followers had a chance of winning wishful goodies that Rakhsha Bandhan by doing so.

Wishful Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

10. Ambicam:

Ambicam asked its followers to post a selfie with their siblings in a tweet shared with its followers. The followers had a chance of winning an Ambicam by doing so

Ambicam Raksha Bandhan Post

11. Tribes of India:

Tribes of India celebrated Raksha Bandhan by introducing eco friendly rakhis. These rakhis were handcrafted by the Indian rural and tribal artisans. They shared this socially relevant message with their follwers in a tweet.

Tribes of India Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

12. Zeta India:

The brand celebrated the festival by urging its followers to give their siblings the best gift of vocuchers via Zeta India. They insisted that this is one gift that their sibling would definetly love and shared this creative tweet with their followers.

Zeta India Raksha Bandhan Post

13. Celekt mobiles:

Celekt mobiles asked its followers what is the best surprise that you have given to your sibling. They shared this message in a creative image with its followers

Celekt mobiles Raksha Bandhan Post - Digimanic

14. said that even though the bond between two siblings is forever, the offer that they are giving right now isn’t. The brand gave a chance to win a movie voucher for their siblings to its followers. They tweeted out this creative message to their followers Raksha Bandhan Post

15. Zeeba Basmati rice:

Zeeba Basmati rice asked its followers to share a photo with their siblings along with a childhood story to win exciting prices in a creative social media post.

Zeeba Basmati rice Raksha Bandhan Post
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