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In today’s time, Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in India and so are the people of Mumbai. People dream in Mumbai and make it a reality. Bright future of Mumbai is never in the hands of those politicians, top officials or any other government officials, but it is in hands of next generation. So the generation begins with small kids with age of 3 or above. Pre-schools are the ones that begin the journey of a new generation. There are many pre-schools in Mumbai and thus naturally, there is competition among kindergarten schools. Now, how you should run your pre-school in such a competitive environment? This is a challenge for every pre-school.

What strategy will you choose to advertise about your pre-school? 

If kindergarten owners choose traditional marketing to advertise their school in Mumbai then it will a wrong choice. Find out why. Internet usage is highly increasing in India, especially in Mumbai. So the internet is primary solution for kindergarten schools whereas traditional marketing is secondary. People in Mumbai use the internet to search everything. Those who have family having small kids search for pre-schools within their area or city. But how to advertise your pre-school on the internet? A simple answer is digital marketing service for pre-school.

Digital marketing is an online promotion of ideas, products or services. Digital marketing agencies are specialized in providing SEO service, social media marketing service, and SEM service. Online marketing service is divided into the following:

Digital Marketing For Pre-School

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

→Digital Marketing Consultation

→ Social Media Optimization (SMO)

→ Email Marketing

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Pre-School

Let’s get into the detail of all the above services   

First, we will make your website. Then we will use digital marketing strategy to gain traffic. When we talk about SEM, it simply means the promotion of products or service through paid online marketing.  Digital marketing companies use google adwords to use text ads. The benefit of SEM service is that Google shows paid ads on top. Whenever any user searches for a pre-school on google and if you are running your paid ads then there is a high possibility that your ad will appear on top. But how much will it cost you? Here is the term called PPC (pay-per-click). It means you will only pay for your ads when a user actually clicks on it. It is highly advisable to use SEM service during the admission period in a pre-school like from January to April. SEM brings more traffic to the website. SEM service will give more profit during admission period.

Now speaking about SEO

It’s free form to market pre-school online. It may take some time to get the traffic to your website. But if the website is properly made and has relevant content in it and it can provide what users want then SEO service will work wonders for you in the long term.

Now going to social media marketing. By creating Facebook page of your kindergarten school, you can update your existing consumers with your new services in school. You can post a video of your pre-school where all the kids are actively engaging in learning. Social media marketing service will help in Brand Recognition of your pre-school. You can run paid Facebook ads also which comes under SMO.

In Email Marketing, you can regularly update your existing consumers with your new service.

With Digital Marketing service, you can grow your kindergarten school in terms of business development, education.

Which digital marketing strategy is beneficial? At what time?

Pre-school can opt for different digital marketing service as per their demand.

SEO service: SEO service is a long-term digital marketing strategy. SEO service is best for all the pre-schools who are well-established or even newly starting in Mumbai and those who want to have long-run benefits. Those pre-schools, who don’t want to spend more on digital marketing strategy aggressively, but want to be on top in organic search result page can utilize SEO service in Mumbai.

SEM service: SEM service is very beneficial during admission period in pre-school. Those pre-schools who are newly opened are advised to go for SEM service as it helps in increasing awareness and brand visibility. SEM service can target consumers in a deep way. SEM service help in targeting consumers as per their demography, interest, gender etc. During admission period, parents highly search for the best pre-school for their kids. So it becomes the best opportunity for pre-school to offer admission proposal to those parents for their kids by showing up on the top in search engine result page.

Social Media Marketing Service: Social media marketing service facilitates brand awareness and brand recognition. Social media marketing service is highly useful in case of updating the existing consumers and making consumers thinking about buying the service. Pre-schools can create their own Facebook page for their pre-school and post images and videos of their pre-school activities on Facebook. Pre-school can target consumers as per the demography, interest, behavior etc. with help of social media marketing service

Core Benefits of Digital Marketing service

Higher usage of internet is not the only reason that you should use a digital marketing service for pre-school in Mumbai. The other core benefits of digital marketing service are as follows.

  1. Cost Effective:

Using a digital marketing servicefor pre-school is cost effective as compared to traditional marketing. In traditional marketing you have to incur more cost for distributing pamphlets, installing hoarding, newsletters, billboards etc. and the outcome from traditional marketing is low as compared to digital marketing.

It is because, in digital marketing, you get proper information on consumer insights, consumer buying behavior, consumer targeting etc. In digital marketing, you use 1 of the digital marketing strategy very effectively which will work best to achieve your goal.

  1. Brand visibility:

With traditional marketing, you can increase brand visibility of your pre-school within specific miles. In digital marketing, you can increase brand visibility to a not just particular city like Mumbai but also India as a whole. If your pre-school is visible as a best kindergarten school in Mumbai then for instance, if a particular family living in Delhi shifts in Mumbai then there is high possibilities that they can send their kids to your pre-school.

  1. Accurate Segmentation & Targeting:

In traditional marketing, you will not get accurate data on consumer insights, consumer behavior, consumer feedback etc. as compared to digital marketing. Traditional marketing does not provide detail information about product or service. Traditional marketing cannot examine that how many people have seen the pamphlets and hoardings. So it does not dig into consumer’s mind. Once the traditional marketing is set up, you cannot change it for a longer period. In digital marketing service, you can change the strategy daily, weekly or monthly according to consumer data.

In digital marketing strategy, there are some tools which digital marketing company will use to get the information on consumers buying behavior. One of the famous tools is google analytics. Google analytics gives you accurate data on browser from which   consumer has visited your site, at what time, in which place, for how much time he/she has stayed on your website, how many pages he/she has visited your website, from which social media sites he/she has visited your website etc. Finally, after getting data you can segment and target your consumers more accurately. You can use different digital marketing strategy for different consumers.

Conclusion: “If your competitor is using digital marketing servicefor pre-school and you are not using it, then you are no more a competitor for your competitor”. You should also use digital marketing service for pre-school not only to be a competitor but also to beat the competitor and create value for your consumers.

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Pre-School

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