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Every human being in this world needs a friendly companion. A friendly companion, who will always stay by his side, who will be loyal to them, who will engage with them actively, who will play with them, who will protect them at any cost. Pets really change the way we humans live after getting them in our lives!

In India, the pet industry is growing rapidly. With modern urbanization, Indians have started adopting a new way of living the life. Indians have started fostering pets in their households. There are closely 2.2 million dogs in Indian households. The figure itself determines the passion and love that Indians have for animals. Indians celebrate national pet day every year on 11 April to express love to their pets. All Indians foster pets to satisfy their different needs. A normal Indian family owns the dog like Labrador, golden retriever, pugs, Chihuahua, Pomeranian to keep the environment of the home friendly and active. Some Indians, especially rich one, own dogs like a German shepherd, bulldog, Rottweiler for security purpose. Be it the requirement for security or desire for loving companionship, pets fulfill both the parameters for Indians.

But how Indians manage to buy pets and maintain them continuously, That is where pet industry has given a new way of living life to Indians.

Pet industry is rapidly growing in India with an estimated revenue of 350 crores. There are many pet stores in India which sells pets and pet products at reasonable and also at premium prices. Increasing passion of Indians towards pet animals has led to competition in the pet industry. All the pet stores provide different breeds of dog at different prices. Pet store owners also sell pet products of different brands. Due to the dynamic nature of the pet industry market, pet store owners face challenges in selling their pets and pet products to all the consumers. Therefore they apply various business and marketing strategy to grow their business. Most of the pet store owners adopt traditional marketing strategy to boost their business. But rare of them succeed to identify that there are two types of market in pet industry: one is the traditional market and second is the digital market.

The reason why you should use digital marketing service for the pet store.

In pet industry, the scope of the traditional market is very low which does not bring much ROI (Return On Investment). But in the digital market, there is huge scope which can bring high ROI. It is because the way of presentation is completely different in both the markets. In the traditional marketing form, a pet shop owner can advertise his/her pet store through traditional marketing mediums like TV, newspaper, hoarding, pamphlets, print advertising etc. The reason why traditional marketing brings very low ROI is that it does not give you historical data about your consumer’s response towards your pet store. Once the traditional marketing strategy is set, you can neither change it for long period nor can you get the historical data. Therefore digital marketing service for pet store becomes the best solution for you. Because the digital market in pet industry completely runs on the internet. Online presence of your pet store can bring more pet lovers. It is because India has 462 million active internet users along with 442 million smartphone users. Smartphones and internet plans, being cheap in India, encourage all the users to be active on the internet daily.

There are 1 thousand to 10 thousand people who search for the pet store in Mumbai monthly.

Isn’t it a great figure to plan the digital marketing strategy for your pet store?

But how will you make it possible?

Only leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai can provide digital marketing service for pet store. Digital marketing agency follows the professional approach in planning and implementing digital marketing strategy for your pet store. At the beginning of digital marketing service for pet store, digital marketing agency creates and designs the website for your pet store. There are 3 digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing For Pet Store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Digital Marketing Consultation

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Pet Store

What strategy should you choose?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the online marketing technique to bring the website to the top of organic search engine result page. SEO is a free form of advertising products and services online. Therefore it is a long-term strategy. Therefore the digital marketing agency focuses on providing effective SEO service for pet store. But once digital marketing agency creates proper SEO plan by covering quality relevant content and user experience of a website, it yields quality results which last longer in form of top ranking of your pet store website. Effective SEO serves you benefits like increased brand visibility, brand awareness, constant attention, better ROI, and competitive edge. For example, as 1 thousand to 10 thousand people search for the pet store in Mumbai monthly, if you can reach 10% of 10000 pet lovers, you will get 1000 visits to your pet store website from which you can get maximum conversions for your pet store. So it’s a good start in digital market of the pet industry. SEO is preferable when you want to maintain your online presence on organic SERP (search engine result page) for a longer period.

Search Engine Marketing: If you want your pet store website to grab the attention of pet lovers on search engine result page at right time and right place then SEM gives you the opportunity to increase traffic to your website so that it can lead to increase in conversions. These ads can be text ads / image ads, shopping ads. Therefore digital marketing agency gives efficient SEM service for pet store. SEM is the paid form of online promotion of products and services. There is pay per click system in SEM which allows you to pay only when your target user actually clicks on your ad. Effective SEM strategy gives you more flexibility in the customization of selection of target audience as per their age, gender, and location. For example, we get holidays only on weekends so you can run your paid ads on Google and target only those people who are searching for pet-related products and services. You can even run paid ads to give special discount to pet lovers on national pet day or on any other festival in India. You can run your paid ads for specific products like food, grooming, and toys. So SEM is a short-term digital marketing strategy which brings you quick conversions from day 1 itself.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the best way to promote your business on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is because India has 226 million active internet users who spend most of their daily time on all social media sites. With the help of social media marketing service for pet store, you can post cute images and videos of dogs available at your store which can encourage pet lovers to buy a dog. You can also post the images of your products. Efficient social media marketing strategy helps in brand recognition, brand awareness, brand recall value, brand loyalty, high conversion etc. You can build a strong relationship with your consumers by updating them with regards to new products available at your store. You can target consumers as per their interest. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube follows repetitive ads mechanism which helps to target the consumers as per their interest. In a simple way, you can target only those users who watch pet related images and videos.

DigiManic follows standard procedure in providing digital marketing service for pet store in Mumbai. You can build strong online presence of your pet store with your goal and our determination.

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Pet Store

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