Things You Should Avoid While Doing Digital Marketing For Your Brand.

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Internet ever since it was conceived as an idea and launched back in 1983 as the ‘Network of networks’ subsequently the World Wide Web being invented in 1990 has been on the forefront of being the fastest growing medium for exchanging information and opinions. Digital Marketing is one of the by-products , internet has created while growing to become the phenomenon it is today. For businesses and brands to flourish and expand their business online , digital marketing has proven to be the only effective solution with promising results . While pursuing the buzz around the phrase ‘Digital Marketing’ and incorporating it into one’s business strategy is a must , not considering and understanding the ramifications of a poorly planned and executed Digital Marketing plan may cost more than what you’re willing to risk.

Here are certain key aspects that separate a novice in Digital Marketing from an expert.

Inadequate keyword research:

If you are constantly creating and posting new and original content, say for your personal blog or for a client , Congratulations! you’re on the right path . Let’ say an individual has started a blog posting daily about the status quo of the country , latest technology updates and trends and other intriguing topics but the person has not optimized and included keywords in his\her content that majority of the people search for and search engines  crawl through resulting in the search engine not listing the person’s blog high enough on the SERPs for people to find and read. Content is not limited to blogs and can include a variety of reading material. Companies posting articles about their latest and existing products and services but failing to prioritize adequate keyword research and analysis and subsequently including the proper keywords that boost traffic may lead to users not knowing about their brand’s online presence at all. Keyword planner in Google AdWords is one such tool that helps in analyzing the keywords one must include in a blog post to reach the desired goal .

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Not optimizing your online ads :

Creating and running a Google AdWords campaign is a great start for your business but leaving the ads to run without making periodical tweaks and tracking the performance of the ads for a long time may lead you to be wasting your money and your advertising campaign to fail. Online marketing offers a plethora of statistics to measure a campaign’s performance and the beauty of it is that almost everything can be tracked. These statistics can be used to improve the efficiency of a digital marketing plan. Your ad is getting clicked on when people are searching for “consultancy” services but you offer sales of hardware products , you can add “consultancy” as a negative keyword.  This will ensure that your ad does not display when someone includes the word “consultancy” in their search query. Making sure to also consider  different keyword match types to include or exclude different queries for which you want your ad to show up can help.

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Inadequate interaction on Social media:

Setting up your social media accounts and simply posting content isn’t exactly enough. Social media must be observed constantly. A designated personnel in your organization should be in charge of consistently responding to comments and questions on social media. Users have increasingly been turning to social media to voice their customer service concerns, making sure  to have an individual from the customer service department  prepared to address any issues is important. There will probably be individuals who post negative remarks for no reason. Don’t ignore them, treating them with respect, and if possible directing them to a private medium of communication like email to address their issue will improve the overall customer satisfaction for your brand

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Inadequate promotion of social media posts :

As organic reach on social media is getting lower and lower specially on Facebook the only option remaining is to spend money on paid advertising offered by social media giants to increase the reach and visibility of your posts.This is especially important if you’ve just started a Facebook page and don’t have a huge following yet. It might be a good idea to invest a certain amount in promoting your page and content to grab the attention of users interested in what you have to offer. Ignoring paid promotion of your page can lead to a diminishing social media presence.

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Overlooking A/B testing:

A/B testing is absolutely critical to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Trial and error is a big part of  a beginner’s journey in digital marketing. You can’t be absolutely sure about what your audience will respond best to, being creative and constantly testing to see what does and does not work is the key here. Avoid assuming what worked a month ago is still going to work today.

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Ignoring Emails :

Emails have gradually lost their shine with the rise of social media. A fact that every advertiser is familiar with, is that they deliver ideal results and are here to remain.The adequacy of your marketing strategy can be enhanced by using this hidden power of email marketing .This is done by creating and rendering effective emails while giving an all round experience to the end-user. Advertisers should also use interactive  media, big data personalization, and automation while opting for email marketing.

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Underestimating Analytics :

Implementing the above steps is not the end of one’s Digital Marketing journey ,you still have to make sure you track your efforts.  This will allow you to better understand as to which campaigns are bringing your business the most success. Installing Google Analytics on your website is a must!. This should go without saying! Also, make sure you’re using custom URLs whenever  you run ads. Underestimating the power of analytics is a mistake one can’t afford to commit , through google analytics you can track and measure a variety of parameters that define how well your website and business is performing.

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So there you have it!

Avoiding these errors is surely going to make you stand out and get ahead of your competition.

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  • Doing Digital Marketing is very impt in today’s business world. In this blog, the point Inadequate interaction on Social media is very much unique and giving idea how to treat negative remark of individuals. This blog is very useful.. The research of digimanic is just wow..

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