How Brands Celebrated Gudi Padwa 2024

Gudi Padwa, which is celebrated on the first day of the lunar month Chaitra, is an important cultural and religious occasion that heralds the arrival of spring and the start of a new farming season, inspiring hopes for wealth and success.

The celebration includes the raising of the Gudi flag, which is a symbol of victory and auspiciousness, as well as several customary rituals, feasting, and revelry, which signify the victory of good over evil and the rebirth of life.

Through strategic marketing campaigns, brands leverage the festive spirit to evoke emotions of joy, prosperity, and familial bonding, aligning their offerings with the celebratory mood. Advertisements often feature vibrant colors, traditional motifs, and family gatherings, tapping into the cultural resonance of Gudi Padwa.

  1. Tata Pravesh-It’s Unique Product Promotion

1. Tata Pravesh-It’s Unique Product Promotion


Tata Pravesh, a brand within Tata Steel’s portfolio, brings you a comprehensive range of striking, robust windows and doors. Using the essence of Gudi Padwa-New Year/New Beginning, Tata Pravesh subtly in their social media post showcased its durable Door signifying an ‘entrance into a home and #NewBeginnings.’

2) ABP News Creative post

ABP News Creative post


ABP News is one of the leading national media channels that provides you with up-to-date news coverage in various Indian languages. ABP didn’t hesitate to put their creativity to perfect marketing use. They took the ritualistic inverted ‘Kalash’ and molded it into their ‘Red Reporting Mic’. Making it visually appealing and Culturally Significant.


3)  Social Media post of McDonald’s India

McDonald’s India On Instagram

McDonald’s is a classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries. Its Indian Subsidiary made its flagship product-FRIES into the ‘Kalash’. With giving it the caption ‘New beginnings taste best with fries’, to capitalize upon the festive hunger of its customers.

4) Creative post of Croma

Croma, With Artistic Ingenuity, Celebrated Gudi Padwa


Croma’s one-of-its-kind large format specialist retail store has almost become a synonym for all electronics needs, with its tech-savvy staff, product range, online presence, and the will to help customers. Croma in their social media creative post made a relatable ‘tangled’ reference by showing a wired earphone and giving it a Gudi Padwa look with the caption ‘To new beginnings & untangled paths.’ Pun Intended!

5)New Start-Bright and Tide

New Start-Bright and Tide

Tide is an American brand of laundry detergent manufactured and marketed by Procter & Gamble. Tide India took the USP of the brand and made a ‘Gudi Padwa’ out of it. Who knew a Tide Bottle and a bright white cloth can imitate ‘Kalash’, Tide’s artistic post proved that it can be done. Tide wants the ‘Start of the Year’ to be the ‘Brightest.’

6)Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ On this Gudi Padwa

‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ On this Gudi Padwa


Cadbury Dairy Milk is a British brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Cadbury founded in 1905. If there is any sweet that can substitute for Indian sweets on Gudi Padwa, it is Dairy Milk. Sweets on Festivals are a must, and Cadbury used this sweet appetite to promote Dairy Milk via chocolate garland decoration and ‘Purple themed Kalash’. Classic Cadbury!

7) Social Media post of JK Maxx Paints

JK Maxx Paints provides the best quality and wide range of interior and exterior emulsions and color combinations. Taking the colorful and vibrant nature of Gudi Padwa in mind, JK Maxx Paints ‘painted’ an Instagram post captioning ‘Welcoming the New Year with a colorful embrace!’. Interesting use of a bucket full of paint.

8)A Gudi Padwa of Ideas & Creativity At Doms


A Gudi Padwa of Ideas & Creativity At Doms

DOMS is India’s fastest-growing manufacturer of a wide range of stationery products, and art materials. Doms wish you a Happy Gudi Padwa on your new artistic endeavor because it’s never too late to start! With Dom’s poster colors ‘May your ideas & creativity soar as high as the Gudi’

9)Hey Google, Translate ‘Happy Gudi Padwa’ into Marathi

Google is an American multinational corporation and technology company that focuses primarily on software services. Google India went ahead with a mix of AI and marketing on Gudi Padwa 2024. A minimalist yet unique Instagram Post, typical of Google, helping people translate ‘Happy Gudi Padwa’ into Marathi to greet their Marathi friends and family. Creative and Useful.

10)Happy Gudi ‘Ink-Redible’ Padwa with Nataraj


Happy Gudi ‘Ink-Redible’ Padwa with Nataraj

Hindustan Pencils became a household name in stationery with their flagship brands – Nataraj and Apsara, which are one of the largest stationery manufacturers in India now. Nataraj’s Instagram post has made an ‘ink-redible’ use of its flagship ball pen Nataraj Gripwrite on this Gudi Padwa to send its customers festive wishes. Let your penmanship take your career to a rise as high as a Gudi.

Most businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others to help re-establish their brands and market their business image whenever they can. Brand maintenance is essentially a survival factor for any business.

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Please share with us your favorite Gudi Padwa post. Please feel free to include any other Gudi Padwa images that you think should be mentioned here or that we may have overlooked.

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