Things To Remember While Creating A Quiz For Social Media

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Tips for creating a quiz on Social Media.

First let’s begin with how to create a quiz on social media and then we will go ahead with the fact that what are all the things a person should remember while creating a quiz on social media.

There are many sites on search engines which helps you to design quiz as per your need and preference. Suppose you select one of the websites, you click on it and there will be an option on the header line “create”. Click on it and start framing your quiz. So this is how you create quizzes on websites. Yes it is that simple. Now let’s go further with what are all the steps to remember while creating one.

I) According to your audience, choose the right type of quiz.

  • There are basically two types of quiz, one is made when you want to drive out information i.e; to know how much an individual knows about a particular topic. For eg: The aptitude tests that are conducted by companies while hiring a candidate into their team.
  • The second one is focused on an individual’s personality. One can use this kind of quiz when he wants to know about a person. For instance if someone wants to know about an individual’s style personality then this type of quiz can be implemented. This is conducted when we want to know about a person’s shopping interests.

II) Lets set questions for our quiz. Questions that get framed by you are to be very precise and made by having a proper data of your audience.

  • The first thing is form your questions in such a way that it makes the audience develop an interest in answering them. This is a way of engaging with your audience.
  • Secondly we can make use of images as it attracts audience and makes the conversation look more interactive. As you can see below:
  • Lastly always remember to keep your questions short and easy to answer and also the questions should not be more than 8-10 as we have only 3-4 minutes with our concerned audience.

III) Now moving onto the next thing i.e; How to hatch leads to your page. To get leads these are the following steps you need to follow:-

  • Instead of just showing the results on your page you can also attach certain items such as an e-book for free, access to giveaway passes, customized e-mails on marketing tips.
  • Always mention your marketing strategy, that means what are you going to do with the information you have inherited from an individual and inform he/she if you are going to get back to them anytime soon.
  • Ask relevant information or else keep an option to skip questions like Name, last name and email address. Always ask questions that are of use to you.
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IV) After this, comes the results and everyone waits for it including you. The results to any quiz is where your brand has a chance to get all over the net when published on social media. There are 3 ways to make the most of the results your quiz discloses.

  • Be insanely positive- Make sure the results you are delivering are motivating. One wouldn’t want to cast down their audience, so always try to be as inspiring as you can.
  • Use of attractive images- As I said earlier, use of images can make the communication very interactive and interesting for the audience.
  • Inclusion of CTA (Call To Action) button- Always include CTA buttons as you want leads to your website.
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V) How to design your quiz using three important ways:-

  • Selection of images should be proper.
  • The headlines you type for your website should be short and attractive
  • Have a short link inserted in your page for easy access and to stay on the quiz page.
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VI) Last but not the least, Follow up with marketing automation. Here is a four step sequence that has to be followed to optimize your conversion rate.

  • Make it a point to thank your audience for taking out their time to answer the questions in your quiz. This is the first thing you need to do after they have finished the quiz. It can either be a Thanking page after they have clicked on the submit button or you can also e-mail them.
  • You can encourage the quiz re-takers by informing them about the other outcomes they could have gotten.
  • After a week or two email them monographs and testimonials. This develops a better relationship between customers and brands.
  • Converting audience for your page can be done by offering them free webinar sign-up, discounts or coupons and can also be complementary products or services.

Let’s wind up by having a quick look of all the things we have learned today. First was how to create a quiz once done with that we went onto the next thing which was things to be considered while making quizzes.

So these are the things a person should remember while creating a social media quiz and generate leads to your website.

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