How Brands are Wishing Christmas Day With Creative Post to their Customers

Christmas Day Post - Digimanic Blog

1. Coca-Cola Creative Post

Coca-Cola is one of the leading beverage companies in the world.  Coca-cola is well-renowned for its creative advertising and campaigns.  Coca-cola is wishing its customers to celebrate this Christmas by  spreading smiles with Coca-cola.

coca cola - christmas

2. Airtel

Christmas is a season of gifts and carrols. Mobile Networking-brand,  Airtel is urging its customers to celebrate this season by giving a  gift of airtel network and connectivity to your friends and family.

airtel india - digimanic christmas

3. Pizza Hut Christmas Post

As this Christmas season kicks off, Top Pizza brand, Pizza Hut, is  celebrating this Christmas by organizing a social media contest for  pizza lovers. Winners of this contest will win free pizza from pizza  hut.

pizza hut - digimanic post

4. HDFC Bank

HDFC bank turned out to be Santa Clause of its customers this season.  HDFC Bank is not only wishing but also giving a Christmas gift to its  customers. HDFC Bank is giving 10% on every credit & debit card  shopping.

hdfc bank - digimanic

5. Lay’s Christmas Post

Lays is one of the most renowned chips brands in the world. This  Christmas, Lays is wishing its customers with its Christmas edition  chips called Poppables. In their social media posts, Lays wishes its  customers a perfect holiday.

Lays - Christmas Day Post

6.  Social Media Post of Netflix

Netflix has also wished its customers this Christmas. However, unlike  any other brand, Netflix is asking its viewers to sit home and  celebrate this season by watching Netflix. Netflix has released a  couple of ambitious projects this month and made our Christmas special.

Netflix - Christmas Day Post 2019

7. Swiggy Christmas Post

Swiggy is the top food-delivery company in India. For Christmas,  Swiggy has urged its customers to enjoy its lightening fast-delivery.  Swiggy wants its customers to celebrate by ordering things through its  app.

Swiggy- Christmas Day Post

8.  Social Media Post Of Uber

Uber is a world-renowned cab aggregator, known for its services. On  its social media post, Uber is turning its drivers into Santa Clause  and giving users a joyful ride.

Uber - Digimanic

9. Kit-Kat Creative Post

Kit-Kat is a popular chocolate brand known for its break campaign.  This Christmas, Kit-kat wants its customers to have a break this  season and celebrate Christmas by eating their kit-kat.

Kitkat - Christmas Day

10. Burger King

Burger King is a ruling fast-food brand in the world. Burger King  wants its customers to have its whoopers for this season. Burger King  is teasing its customers if they did not take their whopper fast then  Grinch will steal it.

Burger King - Christmas Day 2019
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