How Indian brands are Celebrating New Year 2020

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It is that time of the year again, when a new chapter, new verse, and the first blank page of a 365-page book begins. It is a celebration of a wonderful journey ahead of you. But as the world welcomes a new decade, let’s take a moment and check out how brands are celebrating the end of this year.

1. Amul Creative Post

Amul is the leading brand for milk and dairy product. Amul is also known for its variety of chocolates. This year Amul is celebrating the new year by wishing its customers through this delicious-looking post. Amul is wishing its customers’ guilt-free and sugar-free new year for a healthy life.

amul happy new year

2. Cadbury New Year Post

This world-renowned chocolate brand Cadbury is very popular for its series of chocolate flavors. For the new year, Cadbury is wishing its customers a very joyful and flavor-filled new year.

cadbury dairy milk - digimanic

3. BookMyShow

BookMyShow is an online ticket booking service for cinema, theatre, music concerts, stand-up, art shows and more. In this creative post, BookMyShow is urging its customers to book tickets for this new year and celebrate it wholeheartedly.

bookmyshow - digimanic

4. Creative Post of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the most famous beverage brand in the world. Known for its creativity, Coca-cola is welcoming the new year as a celebration of new hopes with the same dreams.

coca cola - happy new year

5. New Year Post Of Airtel India

Airtel is one of the leading network companies in India. This year, Airtel had launched its television services with ‘Airtel Xstream’. In this new year, Airtel is wishing people by giving a big discount on its Airtel Xsteam box.

airtel - happy new year 2020

6. OYO Rooms 

OYO Rooms is Asia’s biggest hotel-booking aggregator.  OYO Rooms is urging its customers to be free and celebrate this new year with no restrictions. OYO Rooms is urging people to step out and do not let anyone stop you.

oyo - happy new year

7. Social Media Post of Lays

Lays is one of the most renowned chip brands in the world. This year, Lays is planning to give its customers a new year gift by re-launching one classic flavor. It this creative post, Lays is asking customers to guess which flavor they are planning to re-introduce.

lays - new year post

8. Ola Cabs Creative Post

Ola Cabs is the top Cab aggregator company in the country. On this new year’s eve, OLA Cabs is urging its users to be a responsible friend and don’t let their drunk friends drive alone. Instead, book an Ola for them and celebrate a safe new year.

Hope this blog gave you an idea of how companies celebrate such occasions for promotion and advertisement. We wish you and your family a prosperous and joyful new year, may the universe bless you in glorious ways.

ola - new year post

9. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a very popular pizza brand, known for series of cheese collections. On this new year eve, Pizza Hut has given its users a crossword game to decide the customer’s this year go-to flavor.

pizza hut - happy new year post

10. Uber New Year Post

One of the leading Cab Aggregators in the world, Uber, has also wished its customers in this creative post. Uber is urging its customers to celebrate this new year with full joy and take their first Uber during mid-night with UBER.

uber - happy new year
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