Keyword Research And Its Techniques

SEO Keyword research is a parameter under SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization is a tool which emphasizes to rank our website at the top on Google pages. This activity of SEO consists of many activities which helps you to increase your visibility. Also there are two methods of getting ranked on Google pages one is termed as organic result and another one is paid result. Now let’s discuss in brief about SEO keyword research and the different factors it consists of.

What is a keyword?


In simple words, the term keyword is a keyword for service providers of SEO and Google. And it is a query for any user. So if a user searches for a term say “SEO services in Mumbai?” this becomes a keyword for the Digital marketing agencies and Google but a query for a user.

What is keyword research?

SEO Keyword research is the procedure when a person wants to find what will be a relevant keyword in relation to their business or the services they offer. Keyword research helps us understand what keywords are useful for one’s business and also about their ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. Search Engine Optimization Keyword research determines the appropriate keywords and also helps in getting to know their weight and bid. We have our digital marketing consultancy in Mumbai if you are looking for related services. Now let us understand the need for keyword research and what all are the parameters it consists of.

What one should be aware of before the Keyword research process?


First know your business entirely

If an individual knows what the business is about then it becomes easier to find out the prime keywords and differentiate from the relevant ones and the non-relevant ones. The more you know about your business the more specific you can get about your keywords. Instead of taking a wide range of keywords, one can select the most appropriate ones by digging deeper into their topics and taking in account the subtopics. 

Determine your goal

One should know their goal, as they go through the process of SEO keyword research they will come across numerous keywords and then they will have to know which one is correct and which one is wrong and this is possible when they know their goal entirely. Every keyword will differ from each other it can be in terms of weight, bid rate etc. If one is aware of their goals they will know which keywords to focus on.

Make your keyword analysis –

Following are the tips that one should keep in mind during their keyword analysis process:-

Be familiar with the different kinds of keywords i.e. with its permutations and combinations. For e.g. Digital marketing consultancy and Digital marketing consultancy in Mumbai.

Understand your audience

Recognize your competitive power

Make a list of the keywords you already get rank and traffic for

Looking for SEO services in Mumbai? We are here to guide you.

Make a keyword research template –

There are many online websites where it allows you to create Keyword research templates. It basically makes your job easy by keeping a count of the keywords and also one can add up details like search volume, competition, status etc. There are various types of templates available for making a list of the keyword research. If one follows this type of method then it organises their work accordingly.

Keyword Research Parameters

Know your competitors keywords –

One should know their competitors keywords and make a list of it so that they can further decide which of the keywords are important. This will help them narrow down to the relevant keywords. When you have completed the research then you will find out the most searched/targeted keywords and then you can attract them easily to your website. We have our SEO Company in Mumbai, contact for more details.

Defining Buyer Keywords

Buyer keywords comes into existence when a person is with the intention of directly buying the product or service. The process of buyer keywords includes four steps:-

Understanding the want

Gathering information related to your want and researching

Narrowing your findings and comparing products with different brands

Last step, buying process


Long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those which includes more than 5-6 words and they have less search volume as compared to other keywords. Usually people do not make use of long-tail keywords because of their low search volume but these keywords are less competitive and this makes it easier to get them ranked. As these long-tail keywords are more specific, the conversion rate is comparatively better.

As Given Example in Image –

Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai

Search for less competitive keywords –

When beginning with your Best SEO keyword research process, one won’t get the desired keywords in the first time. Always start with low competition keywords and then go upward with high competition keywords. This will help you to understand every aspect of the  SEO keyword research and its various points.

Search for related keywords –

Find the keywords which are relatable with your main keyword. As we all know not just one keyword can help you to get ranked on the Search Engine Results Page, you need a long list of the similar keywords. There are different online websites available to find the relatable keywords which are in relation with your main keyword.

As given in Image Example –

Keyword can be – Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

& Related keyword can be – Digital Marketing Company In Mumbai 

or Digital Marketing Firm In Mumbai

Know your competitors –

Always before commencing with your business identify the competitors. It is very important to know who your competitors are as it will give you a gist of what is going in and around the market. Competitor analysis plays a very important role in the keyword research process.

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