Top 10 Bollywood Blockbusters of 2018 (In Terms Of Content)

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2018 – The year which changed the Bollywood in terms of how well small budget movies were given so much love, where content driven movies were a great hit and where the audience completely ignored big budgeted and high PR films having no real content or story in it! 2018 gave us movies that we will cherish for the all the years coming ahead of us and they won’t just be any movies! These movies left a mark in the Bollywood film industry and showed how evolved the Indian audience has become! No matter which well-known actor is in the movie, if the movie doesn’t have that feeling, then it was a disaster!

Let’s look at top 10 movies that had great content, great performances & great audience review this year in 2018!


Raazi gave a very compelling performance keeping everyone on the edge of the seat. The movie led by Alia Bhatt and driven by Meghna Gulzar was a truly authentic film and a strong dramatic thriller!

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Padman was a social drama with Akshay Kumar & Radhika Apte and was directed by R.Balki was a great film with a strong social message that was meaningful and a treat to our eyes. It is an important film that one must watch!

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Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho was a blockbuster that no one had expected for it to turn out to be. This movie had fresh content that no one had seen before and people accepted it with all their hearts! Definitely, a good movie that cannot be missed!

Badhaai Ho - DigiManic


Andhadhun was a movie which surprised you when you least expected it! Ayushman & Tabu impressed everyone with their wonderful performances. Very few films like these manage to crack it and Sriram Raghavan managed to do a great job with his film!

Andhadhun - Digimanic


Mulk focused on some really hard-hitting issues, and brought to us the other faces of terrorism, which often gets unnoticed! Mulk had great actors like Rishi Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu and others which gave a commendable performance!

Mulk - Digimanic


Raid was a movie with gripping experience and was entertaining with an impressive story that was value for your money. Ajay Devgn was again seen giving an intense and serious performance in the movie! Surely a movie that will hold your breath at the end of the movie!

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Parmanu was a great movie which recreated the story of Pokhran, which was India’s attempt to become a nuclear power. The movie somewhat was fiction but also factual on the real incident from the ’90s. One must definitely watch the film at least once!

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Stree was an entertainer since the first scene of the movie! This was a different kind of comedy which created an atmosphere that was scary and at the same time funny. The film had its flaws but surely hits the bull’s eye with entertaining the audience!

Stree - Digimanic


This movie had many layers to it which made some people admire the movie a lot and for some, it was not that engaging! But the movie starring Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal & Taapsee Pannu gave one of their best performances!
Manmarziyan - Digimanic


Tumbbad was a surprise and a good one! The film had stunning visuals and a great story to tell. It beautifully showcased that how an ordinary man becomes greedy in life and goes to any extent for fulfilling his greed! It surely is a film to watch with the family!

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  • Being a movie fan, i have watched all the movies except Manmarziyaan. it seems like, awesome content movies list, so i will make sure to watch Manmarziyaan now. List can also have movies like: Karwaan, Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety, Padmavatti.

  • I m a big fan of Bollywood… I have seen all Blockbusters movies of 2018.. they were great. the content of this blog by digimanic is 100% accurate.

    aditi punwani
  • Content of this blog is so interesting.. I like Raazi movie.. I have watched this movie twice..

    Rani sharma
  • Kudos to all the actors for their brilliant work. Each character had its own significance in the movie. It was a perfect blend of simplicity & decency while conveying a sensitive social message, of course with a lot of Entertainment..!

    jenni thomas
  • The list can also have movies like Karwaan, Padmavati. but rest awesome content movies list.

    Ashok mehta
  • All these movies left a mark in the Bollywood film industry. Nice blog!

    Naina banne

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