How Brands Nailed Their Friendship Day Posts This Year In 2018!

Frndship - Digimanic
Friendship Day - Digimanic

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. And brands take full advantage of this day by promoting their brands and services along with Friendship Day posts. This year too, all the big brands and some small brands too nailed their Friendship Day posts by posting some great videos and images.

We have shortlisted a few of them which we liked a lot. Take a look at all of their posts and show share with your friends. Share in the comment section if you like some other posts. Do share this with your friends and follow all the brands on their social media pages.

1. Friendship Day Post Coca-Cola

Coca-cola did what they do best. The only thing you love sharing with your friends is nothing but Coca-cola. Share a coke with your friends today! Do make sure to check out their Facebook page for the whole video. Coca-Cola is known for a brand which spread happiness so in this friendship day Coca-cola is making strong relationship between friends via creative friendship day poster.

coca2 - Digimanic

2. Friendship Day Post Cadbury

Cadbury, the most loved brand in the country, asked everyone to thank their friends by sharing a Cadbury and why not, who doesn’t love a Cadbury! Cadbury is a brand famous for creative post so in occassion of friendship day they have created a bond message in friendship day. Follow them on Facebook for more such content.

cadbury - Digimanic

3. Friendship Day Poster Durex

Durex, a brand that always blow our minds with their modern thinking and unique thoughts. Their post on Friendship day clearly nails the way relationships work. Durex Is very popular in youth for their creative short mesaage on social media post or adverstiment campaign. Do check out their Facebook page for more such posts.

durex - Digimanic

4. Friendship Day Post ICICI Prudential Insurance

ICICI came out with a very sweet and true friendship relationships among friends and clearly made a connection with their brand of life insurance. ICICI Bank social media post showing a strong bond in friends. Check out their Facebook page for the entire video.

icici - Digimanic

5. Parle

Parle stood out for us with their Friendship post. They disagreed with Bollywood by saying Boys and Girls can be friends too. Well, it’s 2018 and we cannot agree more! Don’t forget to follow them on Social media to check out their posts.

parle - Digimanic

6. Pepsi

Well, if Coca-Cola has their #ShareACoke then, even Pepsi their #DostiHoTohAisi and they have their “Tikki” too with it. You decide, who was the winner here? Pepsi Or Coca-Cola?
Check out their Facebook page

pepsi - Digimanic

7. US Embassy

A creative post representing friendly bonds of US-India. Political but nice one. MR. Obama is also said Mr. Modi is their Good friends even after Mr. Obama Now Mr. Trump is also in good friendly relationship with India. Check here for their twitter post.

ambassy - Digimanic

8. Jet Airways

Jet Airways, being the oldest private sector airline service provider in India always gave a trip down to the memory lane by showing our past and the prensent lifestyles. It was a great way of promoting their brand and was a real hit for us! Do check out their Facebook Page for the whole video.

jet - Digimanic
jet - Digimanic

9.  Friendship day post Jio

The telecom giant hit a bull’s eye too with their Friendship day post by promoting their Unlimited Calling feature by sharing the gossips that friends do whole day long. Jio never lets us down and with this post, they have clearly made us realize how much we talk. LOL. Check out their Facebook Page for this amazing video.

jio - Digimanic

10. Creative Post of Uber

Uber has taken their #MoveForward campaign with their Friendship Day posts and Uber too had some very intriguing story to share. We just have a couple of their posts, for the entire thread, do check out their Facebook page. We loved their posts. We’re sure, you’ll love them too!

uber - Digimanic

11. Social Media Post of Paytm

Paytm used their hashtag #TypesOfFriends and who are we kidding, we have all sorts of friends just like they mentioned in our lives. Paytm did a really great job by using those emotions to promote their brand. We all know Paytm has become more popular brand in youth so Paytm doesn’t want miss opportunity to connect with youth on frinedship day via creative post on social media. See all the posts on their Facebook page.

paytm - Digimanic

12. CEAT Tyre

CEAT Tyres have created a post for friendship which relates to your best friend who is still with you since your childhood. Your bestie is always there for you, whenever you are in difficult situations and always takes your side and fights for you. Checkout their Twitter Page.

ceat - Digimanic

13. Evolve Snacks

Evolve is an online snack store which provides you healthy meal options. Evolve offers you to gift your best friend healthy meal on Friendship day by showing 4 stages of offering food to your friends. It was literally hitting the bull’s eye as to how we as friends behave with one another. To know more about

evolve - Digimanic

14. IndiaMart

As soon as I have seen this ad, it reminds me about my childhood friend and I suppose there are many who have recollected memories from the past and there must be someone who has helped you. This ad-post is devoted to those buddies. Quite Impressive! Check full post on their Twitter Account

indiamart - Digimanic

15. Renault India

From this post, Renault has hit us hard so as to how much our best friends mean to us. Just like Sheldon and Leonard, Sanjay Dutt and Kamlesh. Renault’s motto is very clear about their services. No matter what happens, wherever you are, Renault is always giving best customer experiences and comfort to their owners. To view post visit their Twitter Account

renault - Digimanic

16. Friendship day poster Gympik

Gympik is fitness solution for the people who looking for health and fitness. We like this post because, this post clearly shows that in every friend’s group, there is always one friend who is very serious about fitness and health. He always talks about fitness and motivates others to do exercise. To know more about fitness solution visit their Instagram Account

gympik - Digimanic
gympik - Digimanic

17. GoldMedal India

This brand has present something out of the box and tried to relate a message with the appliances that they are selling. You should check out their creative efforts on Twitter Account.

goldmedal - Digimanic

18.Creative post of Lays

We all love eating different flavours of lays. But the message given by this brand was awesome. “NO NETWORK” . Have you imagined what will happen if there is no network in your phone. Check the complete video here to know what will happen :

lays - Digimanic
lays - Digimanic
lays - Digimanic

19. Friendship day Message of McDowells

We are surround with many type of friends like Chuddy Buddies, School Friends, College Friends,Office Friends but only few are our no.1 yaars. So this brand has motivated you to thank thank them. In this Video McDowells has cleverly positioned their brand on social media creative post on friendship day in Youth ( Above 18+) because this is Target audience of McDowells  Check Link for full video :

mcdowells - Digimanic
mcdowells - Digimanic
mcdowells - Digimanic

20. Platinum Days Of Love

When it comes to your spouse, things become wonderful when you imagine yourself to be the best friend of your partner. So this is what this brand has tried to present. Check Link for complete video

platinum - Digimanic

21. Burger King

There is hardly anyone whose taste buds have not liked their burgers. But this friendship day they have come up with a message which has impressed youth. Liked the creative thought. Check post on their Twitter Account

burger - Digimanic

22. ChocoRobbers

There are lot of brands asking you to share your friendship stories, but this time they are asking you to share your Unfriend stories and people are liking it including us. Check their Twitter Account for full post

chocorobbers - Digimanic

23. Friendship Day Post Reliance Digital

They have posted a video showcasing the story of two friends, the bond they share and how they manage to be together in every walk of life. Do visit Reliance Digital’s Instagram page to have a look.

friendship day post reliancedigital 3
friendship day post reliancedigital 6
friendship day post reliancedigital 5

24. Friendship Day Post Big Basket

One can become friends over food also, is what they are trying to say in the video. A nice way of advertising their brand and wishing friendship’s day on social media  don’t you think? If yes do visit their Instagram page.

friendship day post three- Bigbasket

25. Friendship Day Post Book My Show

3 idiots the movie of the decade defining friendship in a way no one ever could. Book my show has posted scenes from movies with epic dialogues on friendship. Have a look at their Instagram page.

friendship day post three bms(3)

26. Friendship Day Post Spykar

The message they are conveying here is that friends and family are equal. Having a friend is equal to having a family which is very true in most of the cases. Friends are the ones who are there when no one is. Can’t agree more, right?


27. Friendship Day Social Post Flipkart

The message they are conveying here is that friends and family are equal. Having a friend is equal to having a family which is very true in most of the cases. Friends are the ones who are there when no one is. Can’t agree more, right?

28. Friendship Day Poster Snapdeal

Each one of us have different kinds of friends with different traits like some of them are caring, some talkative, some crazy, some smart etc. So here Snapdeal is basically to enjoy Friendship’s day with every kind of friend you have got.

friendship day post snapdeal

29. Friendship Day Sony Music India

They have posted a video where they convey that Friendship is a form of love, as you have seen in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Wake up Sid. How in both the movies they are first friends and then how their friendship turns into love.

friendship day post sony music india

30. Friendship Day Post By Amazon Prime Video

As we all know every friendship is different from the other. We also know what role each friendship plays in our life. Each friendship teaches something new and unique. This is the charm of friendship. Go and see what Amazon Prime Video has to say to you.

friendship day post amazon

31. Friendship Day Poster McDonald’s India

McDonald’s India have posted a video on their Instagram page where they describe all the different types of friends we all have in our lives. How each one of them has different tantrums and qualities and how they teach you the true meaning of smallest of things, don’t they?

friendship day post mcdonalds india(7)

32. Friendship day Video Lego

Lego has posted a video where they show how the two robotic structures are unable to shake hands with each other but somehow still manage to be together and happy. If you want to have a look at their video, visit their Instagram page.

friendship day post lego
friendship day post lego(2)

33. Airtel India

Airtel India has posted a video on their Instagram page describing what different chat groups we have and the type of people in it. Some keep their group chats on mute, some send “good morning” message everyday etc. Have look at their page to understand their idea.

friendship day post airtel

34. SBI Life Insurance

Friendship is an emotion beyond language is what SBI Life Insurance is trying to convey by their friendship day post. They have written the word “friend” in every language of India giving a beautiful message that Friendship has no language it is the emotion you feel.

friendship day post SBI

35. Friendship Day Poster Paytm

Friendship is definitely worth it, don’t you think? They are the ones who lend you money when you are broke, so they are actual saviours of our lives and every one of us should have one. Paytm has posted a video on their Instagram page, do have a look.

friendship day post paytm 1

36. Social Media Post HDFC

Friendship what do I say the best thing anyone can have in their life. HDFC has posted a cute video showcasing the different phases of friendship starting from childhood to adulthood. Basically they pass on the message that Friendship never fades away.

friendship day post hdfc(1)
friendship day post hdfc(5)
friendship day post hdfc(6)

37. Creative post of Amul

Amul shared a video on their Facebook page where they advertised their product and also simultaneously wished Friendship day. They have mentioned how different friends are like flavors of chocolate and which flavor will suit which friend the best. They have diverse flavors for every friend of yours.

friendship day post amul(1)

38. Creative Post of Fevicol

Fevicol has shared a post on their Instagram page where they have shown a motor tricycle and the famous tag line of the movie Sholay “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge” defining both the friendship and the unbreakable bond that Jay and Veeru have in the movie.

friendship day post fevicol

39. Caprese

A video of two girls and the relationship they have with each other. How one girl helps the other one to exercise and comforts her when she is crying. This is what friends are for and this what friends do.

friendship day post caprese(4)

40. Fox Star Hindi

Fox Star Hindi has shared a video on their Instagram page where they have shown stills of different actors and what role did they play. Some played the role of a hero, some of a rich man etc. Do have a look at their page.

friendship day post foxstarhindi(6)

41. Godrej Appliances

Godrej appliances have wished friendship day in a very unique way by keeping their products as a way of communicating the message to the viewers. Do watch the video they have shared on their Facebook page.

friendship day post godrejappliances(1)

42. Creative Post of Friends Diaper

Here they convey the message that friends can never be forgotten, they always stay in our memories. So they have posted a cute video on their Facebook page where there are two friends talking over the phone after years and how their friendship is still going strong.

friendship day post friendsdiaper(5)

43. KFC India

“Sharing is caring” the famous tagline, using this phrase KFC India has posted a GIF on their Twitter page, in which there are some friends passing the bucket filled with chicken wings to each other. Do visit their Twitter page to have a look at their idea.

friendship day post kfcindia(1)

On the occassion of friendship day each brand got big opportunity to connect with target audience because friendship is a relation which is far stronger than blood relation also. Assume any person might not have Father, Mother, Brother or Sister but definatly they will have frineds in their life so automatically friendship day become a opportunity where brand shown the bond between their target audience via creative freindship day post and spread these post on social media various platforms.

Many brnads in the business which is related to friends relation like – Gifting, Movie, Outing, Food name of few brands are – Pepsi, Book my show, Aarchies, Airtel, Dominos and many brands. there whole business concept is based on group spent so these brands grab the golden opportunity of friendship day and give lots of offer on this day.

As you saw these amazing these posts created by so many brands.  it’s all because of the Digital presence of these brands and it’s very important to maintain a good Digital presence as everything is getting digital and people nowadays are more active on social media platforms.

Digital Marketing helps these brands to reach the masses and to gain so much social influence. If you have a brand which needs a Digital Makeover, get in touch with us. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai which caters to all industries and have expertise in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and many such services.

You can stay tuned for our next blog on this segment.

How Brnads Nailed Their Friendship day post on social media 2019.

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