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as we continue  grow and mature we become increasingly aware that all of nature interdependent that there is ecological system that governs nature including society.


we further discover that higher reaches of our nature have to do with our relationships with others that human life also  interdependent.


reaching our full physical maturity for example does not necessarily assure us of simultaneous emotional or mental maturity. On the other hand  persons physical dependence does not mean that he or she is mentally or emotionally immature.


on the maturity continuum dependence is the paradigm of you take care of me you come through for me you didn't come through I blame you for the results. Independence is the paradigm of I can do it.


I am responsible I am self-reliant I can choose. interdependence is the paradigm of we can do it we can cooperate we can combine our talents and abilities and create something greater together.


Identify project you Will be facing in near future and apply principle of mental creation. Write down results you desire and What steps will lead to those results. Share  principles of Habit 2 with your family or work group and suggest that together you begin the process of developing  family or group mission statement.


It was like telling one flower to grow and watering another like saying firings will continue until morale improves. He wanted cooperation. He wanted his people to work together to share ideas to all benefit from the effort. But he was setting them up in competition with each other.


As with many many problems between people in business family and other relationships the problem in this company was result of flawed paradigm.


But you cant change fruit without changing the root. Working on the attitudes and behaviours would have been hacking at leaves.


So we focused instead on producing personal and organizational excellence in entirely different way by developing information and reward systems which reinforced value of cooperation.


As teacher i have come to believe that many truly great classes teeter on the very edge of chaos.


Synergy tests whether teachers and students really open to principle of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. There are times when neither teacher nor student knows for sure whats going to happen.


Achieving unity oneness with ourselves with our loved ones with our friends and working associates is highest and best and most delicious fruit of the Seven Habits. Most of us have tasted this fruit of true unity from time to time in the past as we have also tasted bitter lonely fruit of disunity and we know how precious and fragile unity is.


Obviously building a character of total integrity and living the life of love and service that creates such unity isnt easy. It isnt quick fix. But its possible. It begins with the desire to centre our lives on correct principles to break out of the paradigms created by other centres and the comfort zones of unworthy habits.


Sometimes we make mistakes we feel awkward. But if we start with Daily Private Victory and work from the inside out the results will surely come. As we plant the seed and patiently weed and nourish it we begin to feel the excitement of real growth and eventually taste incomparably delicious fruits of a congruent effective life.

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