Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

The Real Estate Industry in India is a booming industry and one with a lot of potential to grow even bigger than it already is. For example, in Mumbai, the Real Estate Industry despite being so competitive and inflated is still highly profitable with a large market for potential buyers. If this kind of growth is any indication, then the competition is only going to get tougher.  

The Indian Real Estate Industry is the second largest employer in India after the agriculture Industry and is expected to grow at 30 per cent over the next decade. The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. The housing sector alone is expected to contribute around 11 per cent to India’s GDP by 2020.

Even with this kind of growth the Indian Real Estate Industry has still not witnessed its golden period. With the rapid urbanisation and growing economy the Real Estate market is going to flourish even more. India is expected to beat China as the largest population over the next few years and most of the population still subsists in the rural areas. When the country goes through rapid urbanisation in rural areas over the next few years, the demand for Real Estate is going to increase for commercial as well as residential purposes. One such example for rapid urbanisation in a short period of time is Navi Mumbai. The rates for Real Estate in Navi Mumbai have almost matched to that of Mumbai and there is still a lot more potential for development.

Marketing Strategies Used By Real Estate Firms

Firms in the Real Estate Industry are known to go for Traditional Marketing. While Traditional Marketing, no doubt is effective it does not cater to the new or small companies. Even when we consider Traditional Marketing for big firms it seems too expensive.

The most important reason for a company to market themselves and their products is to educate customers and create a presence in the market. This can be achieved with Traditional Marketing, but this method is also known to be ineffective unless you have a huge marketing budget for billboards, banners, TV advertisements and a lot more that is essentially a hit or miss.

To create a presence in the market you have to advertise regularly to the point where the name of your company is ingrained into the consumers’ heads. This feat while achievable with Traditional Marketing can be very expensive.

To ensure the said objective, Digital Marketing can be a lot more effective and an overall better strategy to opt for. Digital Marketing creates a level playing field for everyone in the market and provides the same platforms for the new companies as it does for big companies. With Digital Marketing you can check the same boxes for a significantly lesser price.

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Cooking Classes

To Know More How We Can Built Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Cooking Classes

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