How Indian Brands are Celebrating the Chocolate day in 2020

No one can underestimate the power of chocolate. It is hard to resist the aroma of cocoa and delicious mouth-watering flavours. On the third day of valentine’s week, people gift chocolates to their love and let them know that they are as special as the chocolate to humans. 

Indian brands use this day to spread happiness by giving messages and great deals on chocolate or chocolate made products. It is an essential day for chocolate brands in India and Indian brands know how to approach people on this day. So, here is a list of top brands on how they celebrated chocolate day 2020. 


1. WHSmith India Creative Post

WHSmith is one of the leading brands and retailers in the world. WHSmith India shared a sweet post on this chocolate day by asking its users, their favourite type of chocolate (Dar, Milk, and White). WHSmith also described how valentine comes one time in a year, and the chocolate day remains forever. 

2. Shopper MB Chocolate Day Post

Shopper MB is one of the emerging online shopping community. ShopperMB has arranged a contest on this chocolate day for its users. ShooperMB wants its users to mention their favourite chocolate brand in the comment and share it with their friends. Winners will get to win various gift vouchers. 

3. Ferns N Petals Creative Post

Ferns N petals in one of the best gifting and florist in the country popular for its fast delivery service. On this chocolate day, Ferns N Petals has illustrated the relation between sweet words and chocolate. Ferns N Petals described through its picture how a heart can be melted like chocolate. 

4. Mama Earth Social Media Post

Mama Earth is a is a skin product company popular for producing chemical-free and zero toxin products. Mama Earth had a contest on this chocolate day, where users have to tag that one person, with whom they share a relation of love. The winners will get a chance to win Mama earth products for free. 

5. Dog Express Sweet Post

Dog Express is an informative website completely dedicated to dogs. On this chocolate day, Dog Express shared an adorable post of two golden retriever puppies playing with each other. Dog Express expressed the sweetness of the day with two small sweet-looking puppies. 

6. NDTV Food 

NDTV Food is a leading food content platform for food lover across the country. NDTV food is a subsidiary of one of the renowned news channels in the country called NDTV. On this chocolate day, NDTV food wished its followers a happy chocolate day and shared an informative post on the benefits of eating chocolate.

7. Amul Creative Post

Amul is one of the top dairy brands in India, popular for its wide range of chocolates. On this Chocolate Day, Amul has wished its followers a happy chocolate day by urging them to give their loved ones an Amul chocolate whether it is a he or her. Amul has asked its followers to loved their special ones like they love chocolate.

Chocolate is important for not only chocolate brands but other brands have been successful for using it for their brand promotion. With this, we have finished the third blog of our valentine’s week 2020 series. You can also read how we covered the first two days of the valentine’s week or stay tuned to get more blogs on coming valentine days.

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